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10 Interesting Facts About P.V.Narasimha Rao ..!

PV Narasimha Rao Facts

  PV Narasimha Rao was popularly also called as  “modern day’s Chanakya” for being a visionary and steering in tough economic and political reforms at a time when India was going through one of the severest economic crises. PV Narasimha Rao was able to speak 17 languages .In That 9 Indian languages …

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Amaravati to Host Mega Start-Up Event

  Andhra Pradesh’s  capital Amaravati will see a swarm of investors and aspiring entrepreneurs descending on the region this month, as the state plans to host the StartAP Fest. This Will be the 3rd edition of the start-up event, following editions in Bezawada in 2014 and Vizag in 2016. Scheduled for February 18 and 19 in …

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India Will Host the 1st Meeting of NSA’s of BIMSTEC Countries

India will host the first meeting of  BIMSTEC countries national security advisers  in this Year to co-ordinate the action against terrorism, extremism and radicalization. In Kathmandu Today This was offered by Indian Government at the BIMSTEC senior officials meeting . The Indian offer comes as concerns about the radicalization of …

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India Bans Use Of This Mobile in Flights ..!

India Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Flights

    The ministry of civil aviation  said it has prohibited the use of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on board aircraft. The phone has been under scrutiny since it was recalled for having batteries that are at risk of catching fire and exploding. They advised airlines and travellers not …

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Special Status vs Special Package , Which Is Best ……?

Special Status Vs Special Package

Special Status : Special category status is a classification given by Central Government to assist in development of states Which Are Facing  geographical & socio-economic disadvantages like hilly terrains, strategic international borders, economic & infrastructural backwardness and non-viable state finances. Special Category Status Came Into Existence in 1969 .It was Suggested By The Fifth …

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Facts About Telangana Liberation Day ..!

1.The State of Hyderabad was the largest of all the princely states in India. Hyderabad State annual revenues was Over Rs. 9 Crore . it covered 82,698 square miles (214,190 km2). as per the 1941 census The Population Of Hyderabad State Was 16.34 million people. The Hyderabad State had it’s own currency , army , …

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Everything You Need To Know About Holy Sabarimala ..!

A Journey To Sabarimala

1.  Sabarimala is Located In The Westren Ghat Mountain Ranges In Kerala . Ayyappan Temple is situated on a Hilltop at an Altitude Range of 1260 m (4,133 ft) From sea level.   2. Sabarimala is one of the largest annual pilgrimages in the world .  Every Year Nearly 100 million Devotees are Visiting Temple. 3. …

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